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GreenHealing Press is dedicated to empowering you to use natural remedies for your best possible health. We are staffed by people who are holistic health care professionals, or tech-savvy, or both. We offer you cutting-edge information in natural healing for self-care, presented in a way that’s enjoyable to use and easy to master.

We publish books available at Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Indigo, local booksellers and health food stores, as well as online. We also provides DVDs and online video of instructive seminars, and produce the award-winning local access TV show, A Healer In Every Home, available on our YouTube channel. Welcome to our site!


Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

A Practical Guide to Drug-Free Remedies for Common Ailments

Burke Lennihan, RN, CCH

GreenHealing Press is proud to launch its series on natural healing with Your Natural Medicine Cabinet. This lively, fast-paced, entertaining book is packed with practical tips for using natural remedies— including ones you’ve never heard of, yet which are easily and inexpensively available at any health food store. The author draws on years of experience with customers in her health food store and clients in her holistic practice.
You’ll learn how to use natural healing to

  • recover quickly
  • stop getting sick over and over
  • save money on co-pays for office visits and prescriptions
  • lose less time from work for yourself or a sick child
  • take charge of your own health.

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Forthcoming Titles in 2014

Margo Roman, DVM

Your Animals' Natural Medicine Cabinet:

Top tips for healthy animal care from a pioneering holistic vet and a holistic animal shelter director

Margo Roman, DVM and Shirley Moore

Learn what you can do at home to keep your pets healthy, happy and free from toxic chemicals. You can save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in vet bills over the life of your pet with this book - while enjoying its informative stories and its lighthearted approach. This book will be an updated version of A Healer In Every Home: Dog & Cat Edition, currently available on Amazon.

Why You Are the Way You Are

Charles Krebs, PhD

Holistic neurologist Dr. Charles Krebs explains how the brain works and its surprising effects on our learning and behavior — plus tips for helping yourself and your children. Dr. Krebs' unique insights stem from his interdisciplinary study of Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy medicine and applied kinesiology. He created a new system of healing based on these methods: the Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP), which can be used to correct most learning problems. He is the author of a forthcoming textbook on applied kinesiology, the first of its kind from a major medical publisher, plus two books in English, A Revolutionary Way of Thinking and Nutrition for the Brain:Feeding your Brain for Optimum Performance, as well as four books in German.

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